Skylark Invest

We invest in people with a brilliant idea and people with the ability to execute their vision and to build unique global businesses. Skylark Invest is founded and managed by the Danish entrepreneurs Henrik Hancke Nielsen and Per Zachariassen.

Our portfolio


Angel Investors

VEO has developed a video technology enabling everyone to record, edit and produce a football match. Using advanced image recognition and machine learning, VEO automatically follows the ball in the video and creates professional looking videos for all levels of football matches.


Angel Investors

JABII is a new bluetooth connected boxing game that encourages young people to be more active. JABII is challenging kids to be more active by rethinking the way we play. JABII is a fun, safe combat sport that integrates with your phone.



HelloMind is helping people with small and large heathcare challenges using Result Driven Hypnosis. HelloMind is an example of how a known and recognized form of treatment that used to be restricted by the accessibility of a therapist can be transformed into a user-friendly and effective tool without restrictions.



CuePilot redefines professional TV production for today’s workflows. In pre-production TV Directors can test and plan every vision edit as well as cues for performers and stage staff, allowing you to produce TV shows as tight and up-beat as if they were music videos.


Angel Investors

Tonsser is the leading app for aspiring football players aiming to empower the next generation of players to improve, be motivated and be discovered. Tonsser is a Copenhagen-based startup that offers a vertical social network aimed at youth soccer players.


Angel Investors

Rokoko is a startup based in Copenhagen and San Francisco. Rokoko Smartsuit Pro is a sensor-based motion capture suit that allows you to track your every move and engage in a natural and intuitive way with the virtual world that becomes a more integrated part of modern living with every day.

Skylark Formats


Skylark was founded with the ambition of creating new television formats with international appeal. Skylark works closely with FremantleMedia in developing formats that can be launched to international audiences through FremantleMedia’s global network.


Angel Investors

Zendesk provides web-based help desk software with customer support platform. The Company offers applications that allow clients to manage incoming support requests from end customers. In May 2014, the firm became a publicly traded company on New York Stock Exchange.

Timm Vladimirs Køkken


At Timm Vladimirs Køkken you learn to cook like a pro. Our master chefs offers personal cooking classes in a feel-at-home kitchen environment enables us to teach in a totally hands-on fashion, which means you get to cook and eat each and every item. In 2019 the company was fully acquired by Timm Vladimir.



Blu A/S operates as a television programme production company. The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Copenhagen and is one of the leading production companies in Denmark. Blu was acquired by FremantleMedia in 2010 and operates today as a subsidiary of FremantleMedia Enterprises Ltd.